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“Creativity knows no bounds. It’s the fusion of imagination and strategy that propels brands towards greatness.”

Markus Drew Powell

Founder and Creative Director

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Markus Drew Powell, Founder and Creative Director of Markus Drew Creative Agency, is dedicated to excellence and innovation in advertising and marketing spaces. Raised in a small farm town outside of central Michigan, Markus developed unique passions for both art and sports. He yearned for exciting opportunities which only existed outside of his small hometown and moved to Grand Rapids to act on his inherent skills and love for sports. He then went on to pursue an extensively celebrated multi-sport career, playing baseball at a high level. During that journey, he felt compelled to reconnect with his other passion: art. He secured a job in the fashion industry as a photographer and studied trends related to e-commerce, high fashion, the beauty industry and marketing. Enthusiasm combined with artistic talent enabled him to rise through the ranks of the industry, publishing numerous articles, partnering with ESPN and creating his own lifestyle magazine based in Florida. He later became the Director of Marketing for the first-ever cannabis company in Denver, Colorado, further evidencing his artistic and entrepreneurial spirit.

After nearly 20 years in the creative industry, Markus founded his own company based upon the values and skill sets he collected over the years. Markus Drew Creative Agency now services clients nationwide, with offices based in three separate regions. Equipped with relevant industry instincts and a great sense of humor, Markus hopes to share his personality and dynamic approach to marketing through proven results.

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Markus Drew Powell

Markus Drew Powell

Founder & Creative Director

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